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As an experiment, the Summer Lovin' Dover Rocks Box offers two Build-Your-Own Box Options in addition to our usual curated boxes.

It is a bit of a process to work through so refer back to this post if you get overwhelmed and try to go in with a plan!

On the website, you will find BUILD-YOUR-OWN DOVER BOX "A" and BUILD-YOUR-OWN DOVER BOX "B". Each have drop-down lists that allow you to select from any of the available products to add them to your customized box.

Because the boxes are still a set value, the combinations are limited as follows:
❗️IN "A" you will be selecting 3 choices from List A and 2 choices from List B.
❗️IN "B" you will be selecting 1 choice from List A, 2 choices from List B and 1 choice from List C.

To help you plan, here are the products categorized into drop-down Lists A, B and C:


List A Choices:

📍Apple Hill Lavender - Lavender Simple Syrup
📍Urban Parisian – Brown Butter Chocolate Toffee Cookies (1dz) and a Fresh Baguette
📍Urban Parisian - S’mores Brownies (1dz)
📍Urban Parisian – Boylan Bottling Co. – Assorted Sodas, 4 pack
📍Handmade and Heartfelt – Assorted Handmade Note Cards, 4 pack
📍Urban Parisian – Apple Bacon Maple Cinnamon Buns, 4 pack
📍The Cider Keg – One bottle each of Strawberry Rhubarb and Peach Sparkling Cider (*bonus summer sipper recipes!)
📍The Dover Cheese Shop – Pepperoni
📍Erie Beach – 6 Pieces of Signature Celery Bread and a Jar of House Made Pickled Pumpkin
📍Front Road Cellars/Blueberry Hill Estates – Front Road Market Signature Blueberry Jam and Blueberry BBQ Sauce
📍Cocoa Cabana – Assorted Chocolates (1dz)


List B Choices:

📍The Dover Cheese Shop – Grilling kit featuring Halloumi, and an Olive Oil & Balsamic two-pack
📍The Dover Cheese Shop – Mystery Bag! Selected by the Big Cheese herself
📍Urban Parisian – Macarons/Rochers (1dz) and a Fresh Baguette
📍Port Dover Jewellery and Gifts – Sea Shell Sterling Silver Anklet (10”)
📍Liberty Home Décor and Gifts – Port Dover Themed Canvas Tote
📍Front Road Cellars/Blueberry Hill Estates – Lakeside Hard Cider, 6 pack
📍Cottage North Soapworks – Two summer Soaps and a Wooden Soap Dish
📍Grand Trunk Station – Two wine glasses – Stemmed
📍Grand Trunk Station – Two wine glasses – Stemless


List C Choices:

📍The Dover Cheese Shop – Cheeseboard in a Bag,  includes Jensen Old Cheddar, Dark Side of the Moo, 2 Year Maple Smoked Cheddar, a Box of Carr’s Crackers and a Package of Chorizo Bites
📍Original TLC Bags – Hand-Crocheted Shopping Bag
📍Cottage North Soapworks – Men’s Soap, Wash and Lotion Combo
📍Cottage North Soapworks – Two Summer Soaps, a Wooden Soap Dish, and Lotion
📍Front Road Cellars/Blueberry Hill Estates – Lakeside Hard Cider, Four Pack and Two Front Road Pint Glasses

Good luck and have fun box-building! 🎁